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e-Volunteerism is directly connected to the Energize, Inc. free Web site at www.energizeinc.com, which is linked at the top of every journal page.   One important benefit to journal subscribers is that the Energize site is the largest in the world for leaders of volunteers, offering more than 1200 free pages of information, links, and other resources.  This means that the journal itself does not need to duplicate this wealth of continually-updated information.  Instead, we welcome readers to tap into the ever-growing knowledge base at Energize.

Here is what you will find on the Energize site:

  • The Online Bookstore where you can purchase over 80 books on volunteer management, from four countries.  (Note that if a book we sell is referenced in an e-Volunteerism article, we will provide a hyperlink to the store for that title.)
  • Information on Training and Consulting.  Since 1977, Energize, Inc. has conducted consultations and trainings for a wide range of clients and events across North America and in 23 countries on every continent. We also offer an online volunteer management training program for staff who work with volunteers. 
  • The Directory for the Profession, includes global, national and local events, classes, associations, periodicals, vendors, special days, awards, and places to post volunteer opportunities... plus quotes and humor for your presentations.
  • The A-Z Volunteer Management Library is chock full of annotated links to accessible articles, free electronic publications, and Web sites with solid information on any one of 95+ subjects related to volunteer management or the field of volunteerism.  New material is added every month.
  • Energize President Susan Ellis writes a monthly Hot Topic on a timely subject (it's also provided as an RSS feed or podcast).  Site visitors are urged to respond -- and they do!   You can read all the essays she's written and what others have said in reply since 1997 in the Hot Topics archive.
  • Finally, we offer a Job Bank for volunteer management positions (postings are free), both paid and volunteer internships.

We hope this list demonstrates the scope and comprehensiveness of www.energizeinc.com and entices you to visit often.  

Everyone Ready - Online volunteer management training

The Everyone Ready®Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program delivers quality training and regular communications to learners within your network.  Learners can access all resources on their own, at anytime.

Enrollment in Everyone Ready gives every person in your organization the ability to use the many resources in 4 program components, as well as giving you metrics to assess participation. Plus, they all receive free access to e-VolunteerismLearn more

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