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A CV/Résumé Writing Workshop: Creating Valuable Tools and a "Thank you" for Volunteers

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In this issue, guest author Emma Corrigan shares resources that enable volunteers to summarize meaningful information about their volunteering experience – and turn it into great material for their CVs or résumés. Corrigan, a Volunteer Coordinator for the housing and homelessness charity called Shelter in England and Scotland, presents this step-by-step activity as a way to support, thank and provide development for volunteers.

Granted, many volunteer resources managers do not necessarily see the daily, frontline work of volunteers – a reality that makes Corrigan’s training design all the more useful. Corrigan’s simple yet innovative design highlights how easily others in the organization can share responsibility for recognizing volunteers' contributions. And by helping volunteers turn their experiences into résumé-building narratives, Corrigan shows how an organization can provide a very individual "thank you" to each volunteer.