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Tools for Strategic Planning

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This training design offers four exercises (with a worksheet or other training tool for each) to help you, your board members, paid staff and/or frontline volunteers to become strategic thinkers who are constantly looking for new solutions, new options, and better ways of performance. Each exercise can be used separately during a board or group meeting to help people think creatively about the organization's current situation and begin brainstorming ideas for the future. Alternatively, they can be used to build upon one another in developing a more complete strategic plan. The fourth exercise describes how to accomplish this goal through an intensive planning retreat.

While these tools are focused on use within a group setting, as a manager of volunteer resources, you can use any of them by yourself to help you sort out the chaos surrounding change within your program. Just spending a few minutes working through each tool will help you gain more personal knowledge of your current situation and develop strategies for the future.