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Preparing Newcomers Then and Now

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Magic strategies for success. Breaking the rules and getting away with it. What we can teach leaders in the corporate world. Creativity. Innovation. Generational theory. Happy meals vs. real cooking. Leadership. Motivation. Risk management. Volunteer management vocabulary and definitions.

This Keyboard Roundtable is a look back and a look forward by three pioneer authors in volunteer management:

  • Marlene Wilson, whose all-time best seller The Effective Management of Volunteer Programs (1976) was the first American book on the subject. She also served as the editor-in-chief of Volunteer Administration (predecessor to The Journal of Volunteer Administration) in the late 1970s.
  • Joy Noble, co-author of Volunteer Management: A Resource Manual, the seminal text in Australia that was re-released in updated form last year. She was a founding co-editor of the Australian Journal on Volunteering.
  • Fraser Dyer, co-author of UK’s Recruiting Volunteers: Attracting the People You Need.

These respected thinkers discuss their goals in writing their books, what they most wanted to convey to newcomers in the field of volunteer management, and whether they see changes in what novices need to know today.