Student Subscription

Students enrolled in academic, for-credit classes can subscribe to e-Volunteerism for only 6 months and save more than 50% off the regular subscription price of US$45 for a full year -- and can save even more if their instructor obtains a discount code for the class.

  • Student subscription:  US$20.00 for 6 months
  • Student subscription with authorized class discount code:  US$10.00 for 6 months

If you wish to purchase a regular full-year subscription, click here.

If you've received an authorized discount code for a student subscription:

Click the purchase button below and enter your code on the shopping cart page.

If you don't have a code:

You can either obtain a code by asking your professor to complete the steps described on this page: or you can purchase an individual student subscription without the discount (click the purchase button below).