Faculty Can Arrange a Major Discount for Their Students in Academic Classes

To all faculty of academic courses in volunteerism, for-credit volunteer program management, and other for-credit courses with volunteer-related modules:

  • Gain access to a cutting-edge, interactive teaching tool!
  • Introduce students to the current and archived resources in e-Volunteerism for only US$10 per student for 6 months of access (a half-year subscription at less than a quarter of the price of a regular subscription)
  • Receive a free full-year subscription for yourself (or a renewal of your current subscription) if you take advantage of Option #1 below!

e-Volunteerism offers two easy and inexpensive ways to give your students access to the online journal during your course. Here's how:

Option 1: Pay for your full class all at once (at least 5 subscriptions).

Send an e-mail to info@e-Volunteerism.com with your name, the name of the course, and the dates the course will run. In addition provide the following information for each of your students:

  • Student's Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Password (at least 6 characters)

Indicate how you wish to pay.  You can telephone us with credit card information at 1-800-395-9800 (in North America) or +1-215-438-8342 (outside North America). Or, send us two e-mails, one with the card number and the other with the expiration date and name of the cardholder.

Once we receive your subscriber information and your payment is processed, we will set up your personal full-year subscription and the half-year subscriptions for your students within two working days and then e-mail you to let your know your students can begin accessing the site. 

And, if you choose this option #1, you get a full year of the journal FREE to help you prepare for your courses.

Option 2: Have your students pay their $10 individually.

To request this option, send an e-mail to info@e-Volunteerism.com with the following information:

  • Your name and the name of the course
  • The dates the course will run
  • Approximately how many students are eligible to use this discount (this is not a commitment on your part and the discount will be given to as few or as many of your students who follow through)

We will then e-mail you a special, designated URL and discount code to give to your students (it will be a different one each semester), along with instructions you can distribute explaining how students can subscribe using the code. Each student subscribes individually online, entering this code and paying US$10 directly to us -- you do not collect any money from students yourself.

When their student subscription expires, they will be given the opportunity of becoming a full subscriber.

With both options, instead of paying the normal subscription rate of US$45/year, your students will pay only $10 for six months! Upon subscribing, they will receive access immediately to the issue current and to the complete archive of past issues.