Introduction to this Special Issue: Volunteer Centers

To the best of our knowledge, there has never been an entire issue of any publication focused exclusively on the subject of Volunteer Centers. We’re delighted to be the first. Our goal is to start conversations – to encourage serious, candid discussion of the purpose and future of Volunteer Centers... read more

Feature Articles

Volunteer Centres: Current State, Looming Issues, Future Outlook

An International Keyboard Roundtable
Edited by Rob Jackson and Andy Fryar
This much is clear: Volunteer Centres are vital to build and sustain local and regional volunteer ecosystems. Often seen as the “one-stop” help for individuals looking to get involved in the... Read more

Comparing the Establishment and Development of Local Volunteering Infrastructure in Eight Countries

By Cees M. van den Bos
Cees M. van den Bos, a pioneer in the volunteering field in the Netherlands, recently discovered that there was very little academic research on the subject of volunteering infrastructure. So he set... Read more
Available in May

Volunteer Centres: Where Do They Fit in a Changing and Contested Environment?

By Annette Maher
Over the last 10 years, a number of formerly thriving national Volunteer Centres in English-speaking countries have faltered, forced to find avenues of new funding or to merge with other... Read more

From the Last Issue

Along the Web

A World of Volunteering by Global Corporations

By Arnie Wickens
It’s not very likely that the barrista serving your morning latte, the receptionist checking you into your vacation hotel, or the bank manager deciding whether to approve your home renovation loan... Read more
Research to Practice

Considerations for Volunteer Resource Managers In Engaging Service-Learners

Reviewed by Laurie Mook
The debate continues over whether or not students in service-learning placements should be considered volunteers, and this type of unpaid labor often falls under the purview of a volunteer resource... Read more