Feature Articles

Moving Beyond Program: Developing a Volunteer Engagement Strategic Plan

By Beth Steinhorn
What does it mean to move beyond volunteers as a “program” and, instead, embrace engagement as a strategy to fulfill your mission? The shift starts by understanding the benefits of developing a... Read more

Falling on Deaf Ears? The Psychology of Giving Advice

By Kristy McDowell
Those who manage, lead, or work alongside volunteers often give advice to their teams, and may be surprised and perhaps frustrated when it's not acted upon. This can happen both in situations where... Read more
Available in March

Revisiting the Imperial War Museum North: Still Engaged in Innovative Programmes for Nontraditional Volunteers

By Danielle Garcia and Jim Hutchinson
When it opened in July 2002, the Imperial War Museum North (IWM North) in Manchester, England, unveiled an ambitious community volunteering project: the museum had recruited over 100 local residents... Read more

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Training Designs

Increase Reflection in Training to Enhance Transfer of Learning

Reflection is essential for learning. In order to “make meaning” of an experience, the learner must have an opportunity to reflect on or process the experience. To help ensure that program... Read more

Where the Boys (and Girls) Are: Volunteers at Little League International

On June 6, 1939, youngsters who loved to hit a ball and run some bases played the first Little League baseball game at Park Point in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Today, what began as a three-team... Read more
Research to Practice

What Can Organizations Do to Alleviate Volunteer Stress?

Volunteer stress is an important topic. While there are a good number of studies looking at this in terms of implications for the volunteer’s health and well-being, this quarter’s Research to... Read more