Feature Articles

Leader as Coach: Sustaining the Engagement of Your Volunteers

By Barry Altland
Think of how meaningful and useful it would be to peer inside the heart of every one of your volunteers – to understand what is important to them, what inspires them, what gets them excited, what... Read more

Volunteer Management Training: The Missing Pieces

By Sue Hine
When it comes to workshops for managers of volunteers, the regular training topics that we too often wheel out represent a continuous cycle: a repetition of recruitment, policies, procedures,... Read more

Behavior-Based Interviewing: An Effective Screening Tool for Highly-Skilled Volunteers

By Elisa Kosarin with Priscilla Jahanian and Charlene Wee
In this feature article, Elisa Kosarin introduces behavior-based interviewing as an extremely effective screening method for assessing highly-skilled volunteer applicants.  Kosarin’s article is... Read more

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Training Designs

Advocating for Volunteers by Educating Staff

By Erin L. Barnhart
We all know that an organizational culture that values volunteers and volunteer management is an ideal environment in which to engage citizens in important, meaningful service. But how do we... Read more

Self-Help in Social Welfare

Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference of Social Work, Toronto, 1954
In 1954, the Seventh International Conference of Social Work convened in Toronto, Canada, with the theme of “Self-Help in Social Welfare.” While self-help is an important component of effective... Read more
Research to Practice

Volunteer Management: Art or Science?

Reviewed by Laurie Mook
In this quarter’s Research to Practice, Laurie Mook reviews a study by Mark A. Hager and Jeffrey L. Brudney testing whether or not the “adoption of ‘best practices’ (such as interviewing volunteers... Read more