Feature Articles

An Online Network Empowering Offline Action: Soroptimist’s New Volunteer Model

By Elizabeth M. Lucas and Darlene Friedman
Whatever Happened To . . . is a recurring feature at e-Volunteerism that allows us to revisit past articles to see what has been happening since we first published the stories.  In... Read more

In Giving, How Much Do We Receive? The Social Value of Volunteering

By Andrew G. Haldane
Andrew G. Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England, recently stated that “whether seen from an economic or social perspective, volunteering is big business, with annual turnover well into three-... Read more

Making the Case: Strategic Reporting on Volunteer Engagement

By Christine A. Burych, Alison M. Caird, Joanne C. Fine Schwebel, Michael Fliess and Heather M. Hardie
The ability to measure the processes and outcomes of organizational initiatives is vital to understanding whether an organization has achieved its mandate. But determining the best method to measure... Read more

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In Support of “Clicktivism:” Examining the Value of the One-Click Form of Micro-Volunteering

By Erick C. Lear
As social media expands throughout the world, it has spawned a unique sub-category of virtual volunteering dubbed “clicktivism” – letting people who are online or on a Smartphone make an impact on... Read more
Training Designs

A Beginner’s Guide to Developing Volunteer Training Videos

By Patricia Wright
Do you think that creating training videos requires special expertise, lots of time, and a big budget? Think again. Perhaps nothing has evolved so rapidly in useful technology than videography:... Read more