From Editor-in-Chief Rob Jackson

Headshot of RobWe live in unprecedented times. Who could have known that the world would change so much between our last issue in January and this new one? Work begins on the content for each issue of e-Volunteerism well in advance of our publication date. As a result, in this latest issue, only Research to Practice focuses on this subject... read more

Feature Articles

Gabriella Civico
"Social prescribing" is a means for tackling poor health without, or alongside, prescribing  pharmaceutical drugs. Schemes for social prescribing cover a wide array of activities and programmes,... Read more
Katelyn Kerker, Mary Quirk, Polly Roach and Beth Steinhorn
Reimbursing volunteers – a contradiction in terms or an evolving strategy? In search of clarity, a team at Colorado’s Community Resource Center (CRC) started digging into an issue that has clearly... Read more

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In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic now impacting the world, we start this quarter's Archives recommendations with a link to a very current list of resources, “Supporting Volunteer Efforts During Coronavirus.” This comprehensive Energize resource, compiled by Betsy McFarland, includes: public health resources; resources from volunteer centers and associations; news articles and commentary about volunteering during the crisis; examples of how organizations are responding to COVID-19, and many more resources to help Leaders of Volunteers deal with this quickly evolving situation.

We also draw your attention to stories from our Archives that deal with volunteering during disasters and uncertain times. Due to the nature of COVID-19 and the call for social-distancing, these situations do not necessary reflect volunteering situations for the pandemic. But they all offer stories of determination and resilience.