Feature Articles

Bridging the Divide Between Volunteer Management and Community Organizing

By Aimee Inglis
A community organizer is usually a social agitator who wants to build grassroots power. While a volunteer manager may be working toward social justice, the primary goal of this position is usually... Read more

The Sky Is Not Falling . . . Yet! Ten Strategies for Shorter-Term Volunteers

By Molly Frendo, Mary Quirk, David Miller, Morgan Weis, and Terry Straub
“People just don’t commit like they used to!” is a common complaint of leaders of volunteer engagement who find themselves confronting the new trend of shorter-term volunteers. Many of us struggle... Read more

Reactive or Proactive Volunteer Leadership: We Have a Choice

By Meridian Swift
When it comes to volunteer leadership, experienced volunteer manager Meridian Swift believes that two models dominate: reactive or proactive. But in this e-Volunteerism feature, Swift argues that it... Read more

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Training Designs

Volunteer Engagement as a Form of Transformational Leadership

By Erin R. Spink
Here's an important addition to your advocacy toolbox. This Training Designs presents training resources to help you describe and demonstrate the power of volunteer engagement to peers and senior... Read more

The Rise, Fall, and Evolution of the Telethon

By Lori Renner Larsson
Most people are very familiar with the concept of a telethon, a word coined to combine "television" and "marathon." It’s a televised fundraising event, lasting many hours or even days... Read more
Research to Practice

Are Satisfied Volunteers Motivated to Make the Most Contributions?

Reviewed by Laurie Mook
In this Research to Practice, Laurie Mook reviews a study examining factors that influence volunteer satisfaction and volunteer contributions, defined as a combination of the number of programs... Read more