Feature Articles

Volunteer on a Mission: Watching a New Organization Emerge

An interview with Stephanie Myers
One of the most powerful things a volunteer can do is see a need and start trying to meet it. With enough passion and hard work, that initial maverick will attract other volunteers to the cause and... Read more

The Economic, Social, and Cultural Value of Volunteering to Tasmania

By Paul C. Muller, John Harvey, Dave Arthur, Anne Fisher, Courtney Webber, and Ian McMahon
In 2014, Paul C. Muller and his team of researchers published a report called "The Economic, Social and Cultural Value of Volunteering to Tasmania," the first such study in that Australian state.... Read more

Love Your Job and the Rest Will Follow: Passion as a Leadership Skill

By DJ Cronin
Irish-Australian colleague DJ Cronin speaks his mind with passion and humor, reflecting on the importance of truly loving the role of leading volunteers. I love my job. I am in love with my job. I... Read more

From the Last Issue

Training Designs

Tricks and Tips to Help Learners Learn from Each Other

By Susan J. Ellis
Adult learners bring a wealth of knowledge to any training session. But more often than not, they still expect the trainer to do most of the teaching. As trainers, we have plenty of information to... Read more

Elf Management

By Steve McCurley
Just think about it: What helps explain why organizations don’t bother giving volunteers proper training or structure? Why do paid staff often act as though volunteers aren’t really human? Why are... Read more
Research to Practice

Calculating an Organization’s Social Return on Investment in Volunteers

By Laurie Mook
This quarter’s Research to Practice reviews an article that presents a way to measure the social returns on investment in volunteer recruiting, training, and management. Called Social Return on... Read more