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Making the Case to Funders to Invest in Volunteer Engagement

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One week after this issue launches, the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Leadership Engagement begins in St. Paul, MN. A special track at the summit will convene a group of funders (public and private foundations and other donors) to meet with volunteer resources managers and other nonprofit organization leaders. The purpose? To discuss the challenges of funding volunteer engagement efforts. JFFixler Group, led by Beth Steinhorn, partnered with Jane Leighty Justis of the Leighty Foundation and volunteer training expert Betty Stallings to revise and republish a “guide for funders” that was originally developed in 2003 to provide companion resources for nonprofits. Summit participants will receive this hot-off-the-press booklet on site, and it is also available electronically for free at the Leighty Foundation website. 

In this article, Steinhorn excerpts and consolidates tips and strategies from the guide to help non-profits make the case to funders about the benefits of investing in volunteer engagement.