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What New York Theater Can Teach Us about National Volunteer Weeks

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Now that we’ve gone through April, May, and June, most countries have completed their annual national “Volunteer Week” to celebrate volunteers and volunteering. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, it usually feels like the only people who are aware of the celebration are those of us in the field – and not even all of us. Very rarely does mainstream media take notice of the event, so the general public doesn’t pay much attention either.

We think this is a continually missed opportunity. We argue, in fact, that we keep thinking small when we should think big! And so we devote this issue’s Points of View to examining the purpose and potential of a national Volunteer Week, and present an analogy from the Tony Awards, honoring New York theater productions. And in the October issue, we’ll continue to explore these themes and propose some ideas for how to deliver a more visible public celebration of volunteers.