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New Resources for Volunteers from CNIB

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This e-Volunteerism feature provides an important introduction to a new collection of volunteer resources and written materials recently produced by CNIB, an organization previously known as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in March 2018. The materials include a series of manuals, toolkits, and training guides on a range of topics—all designed to enhance the volunteering experience with CNIB.

According to writer Jennifer Spencer, a team of CNIB employees assembled these materials on a wide range of topics, including advocacy, fundraising, being a program ambassador, and how to create a culture of volunteerism. This new collection of volunteer resources and materials is available on CNIB’s website. “This was purposefully done to make the material as accessible as possible, and to allow people from different organizations to adapt and tailor the manual for their needs,” writes Spencer. “By sharing these materials with the wider e-Volunteerism audience, we hope that you will be challenged not only to borrow from our resources but to create your own.”