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Cutting Waste and Feeding the Hungry: Volunteers Lead the Food Redistribution Revolution

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"Volunteers in the food redistribution revolution" would have been an unlikely Along the Web topic even just a few years ago. But today there is an undeniable and growing public awareness about the shocking amount of food that’s wasted and sent to landfills, despite still being fit for people to eat. Citizens now understand and are speaking out over the economic, environmental, and ethical concerns raised by food over-production and disparities in food distribution. And food poverty in the midst of this excess and waste has also become a rising concern.

Volunteers around the world are leading the way to create solutions to this unsustainable food mismatch. They are, if you will, ‘stepping up to the plate’ to challenge, to campaign, and to make a practical difference through the redistribution of surplus food. This Along the Web looks at some of these creative food redistribution programs, with featured websites, video clips, volunteer stories, and first-hand accounts of volunteers leading this revolution.