Mike Bright

Mike Bright is the founder of Help From Home (www.helpfromhome.org), an initiative that promotes and encourages people to participate in easy, no-commitment, home-based micro-volunteering opportunities via its tagline, Change The World in Just Your Pyjamas. Bright has been involved in the micro-volunteering arena since 2005, initially as a participant in such virtual projects as Postpals (www.postpals.co.uk) and Distributed Proofreaders (www.pgdp.net/c/). Help From Home began as an idea in 2007, finally becoming a live project in December 2008. In between his exploits in the micro-volunteering world, Bright also volunteers for his local blind institute where he helps to guide visually impaired people on local trips where go-karting, horse-riding and quad biking is the norm. Bright lives in Cardiff, UK with his wonderful wife of 15 years.