Our Second Decade: Enhancing and Enriching e-Volunteerism (with your help!)

Volume X, Issue 1, October 2009

Dear Readers,

Our Second Decade: Enhancing and Enriching e-Volunteerism (with your help!)

This issue of e-Volunteerism begins our tenth volume year!  Much has happened in the world, in the volunteer field and with the Internet since we launched in 2000, which is why the editorial team wants to use Volume X as a transition year. We plan to redesign the look and searchability of the site, tweak the focus and style of our featured sections, and do what we can to assure the relevance of the journal for the next decade. Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Update the look of the entire site.
  • Install software that will vastly increase readers’ ability to search all the articles by keyword.
  • Be more creative with photographs, audio and video. That has started in this issue, where Voices from the Past is an audio interview and the feature article, “Our Community at Work,” offers a variety of audiovisual materials.
  • Figure out better ways to elicit responses from you!

Sign up to respond to our ideas and share your own

In the past we’ve periodically posted reader surveys and your responses have been extremely helpful. But we’ve decided to try something different: we would like to actually talk to those of you who are interested and invite you to become a part of our Subscriber Responder Team. Over the next 12 months, we want to propose different questions and changes to real readers, either in small focus groups or individually. These Q&A sessions might be via conference telephone call, via Skype, on a discussion board, or even in person. Since the editorial board represents three continents, we can even accommodate time zone differences and widespread locations. 

Sign up now by answering a few simple questions (no longer available) and you will be offered the chance to participate in selected calls or meetings over the next 12 months. Each time you participate in an arranged feedback session, we will extend your subscription to e-Volunteerism by one additional quarter, as a token of our thanks.

Not interested but still want to share your thoughts?

If you DO NOT want to participate in this new venture, but you DO have a suggestion, comment or complaint, or want to tell us what not to change, please share your ideas (no longer available but feel to share comments below)! (You can choose to be anonymous.) At e-Volunteerism, we always love to hear from you!

Whichever group you choose to be a part of – thank you! And thank you to all our readers, because you are what the journal is all about.

To the past and the future,

Susan J. Ellis
Co-Publishing Editor 

Volume X, Issue 1, October 2009

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