Welcome to Our New "Research to Practice" Feature Editor

This issue of e-Volunteerism brings a “changing of the guard” in the Research to Practice feature section. We say goodbye to editor Steven Howlett, with enormous thanks for his many years of great work on this section. And we say a warm, welcoming hello to Laurie Mook, who is stepping into Steve’s former position as editor of Research to Practice.

Laurie Mook first came to our attention as co-author of What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives, a book that not only considers volunteering as a key component of nonprofits but also demonstrates ways to assess its value. She was co-director of the Social Economy Centre of the University of Toronto in Canada when she participated in the 2003 Keyboard Roundtable, “Is Assigning a Financial Value to Volunteering a Good Idea?

While we think of Laurie as a Canadian colleague, within the last year she relocated to the United States, where she is research associate at the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and Assistant Professor in the Nonprofit Leadership and Management program in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University. Her areas of academic interest continue to be nonprofits, volunteerism, social accounting and social enterprise.

We know that Laurie will bring energy and excellence to Research to Practice. She looks forward to hearing our readers’ suggestions to make that section more useful to you. We are so glad to have you on our editorial team, Laurie!

Susan J. Ellis
Volume XI, Issue 3, April 2011

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