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The Neuroscience of Awesome Training Experiences

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Have you ever wanted to learn some tips that enhance how you relate to an audience when presenting? Or have you ever wanted some methods or tricks to put together a training session that helps people retain more afterwards?

In this Training Designs article, Erin R. Spink reviews a recent training session delivered by global trainer Michael Bungay Stanier that may help you realize both.  As Spink reveals, Bungay Stanier incorporates his insights from neuroscience discoveries into his training design approaches. She’ll not only review his formula for designing training but she’ll also cover what he calls his TERA model, which is designed to help trainers create safe and engaging environments. “You may not walk away with a degree in neuroscience,” Spink predicts, “but you'll gain some great ideas and tips that will make your future training sessions more engaging and impactful.”