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Generation V: Young People Speak Out on Volunteering

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Generation V: Young People Speak Out on Volunteering
By Angela Ellis
Institute for Volunteering Research, UK, 2004

When the 1997 National Survey for Volunteering in the UK was published, it appeared to show that young peoples’ regard and enthusiasm for volunteering was in decline. Responding to this, the Institute for Volunteering Research produced the report ‘What Young People Want from Volunteering’ (a summary can be obtained at http://www.ivr.org.uk/youngresearch.htm), based on qualitative research with groups of young people. This research resulted in a ‘wish-list’ for volunteering: ‘Flexivol’ summarises the essential requirements of 16-24 year olds, and serves as an acronym for the most important elements young people want in a volunteer assignment.

Read about ‘Flexivol’ and the report’s findings in this review.