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Volunteer Management Software

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Time (or lack of it) is always the bane of the existence of most volunteer managers. This is especially true when you're attempting to relate with and keep track of dozens or hundreds of volunteers - a supervisory ratio far beyond the bounds of rationality.

The computer offers some help in addressing this problem - particularly as it relates to keeping track of volunteers. When you click on the box below, you will find a listing, in table format, of various software programs that can help maintain volunteer program records, with some comments on their distinguishing characteristics. The programs which are listed are generally designed to provide the following:

  • tracking of contact information - addresses and phone numbers
  • tracking of volunteer hours
  • listing of position descriptions
  • listing of volunteer skills
  • ability to match available volunteers to schedules or assignments

Several of the programs offer other capabilities. Most of the programs have demo software available, many of them through direct download. More complete information on each program is available through their listed contact information - we've just mentioned a few of the attributes of each program. We've attempted to restrict this listing to those programs in which the volunteer tracking component is a central feature. You will also find the capacity to perform some functions of volunteer management in most generic software packages designed for fundraising, church management or nonprofit operation.