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Using Personality Type Distinctions To Foster Better Volunteerism

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When screen writer and public relations consultant Jennifer Dornbush volunteered to be a guinea pig for a friend working towards her Myers-Briggs® certification, she had no idea how much taking a personality assessment would change the way she viewed volunteerism. As a long-time volunteer and volunteer coordinator, Dornbush reflected back on her volunteer history, recalling when she burned out quickly or lost interest and left an organization because the tasks made her feel exhausted and unsatisfied. Through her personality assessment evaluation, Dornbush realized that in these cases, she was working against her personality type preference. So Dornbush wondered, "How many other volunteers feel the same way?"

In this thoughtful article for e-Volunteerism, Dornbush poses the question, "How can using personality type distinctions make volunteerism more successful?" Dornbush goes step-by-step to examine the core of these distinctions and explains how the process can give volunteer organizations a better way to grow successful relationships with volunteers.sss