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Reflections on Your Input: Still Keeping the Plural in Points of View

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In the previous issue, we asked e-Volunteerism readers to help us in “Keeping the Plural in Points of View,” and a number of you did just that.  We received a range of thoughtful and provocative opinions about the major challenges facing leaders of volunteers in their everyday work and about trends, issues or controversies the journal might pay attention to over the coming months. Some of the responses were completely predictable but others opened new territory.

As a follow-up, this Points of View reveals the two overriding concerns that surfaced repeatedly in the previous issue: Educating Colleagues and Volunteer Management as a Profession. Editor Susan J. Ellis presents her point of view on why these two topics continue to dominate the volunteerism field and then presents some additional topics that surfaced, too. In her quest to keep the plural in this regular e-Volunteerism column,  Ellis challenges readers to tackle these far-reaching topics and share their opinions in future issues.