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Considerations for Volunteer Resource Managers In Engaging Service-Learners

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The debate continues over whether or not students in service-learning placements should be considered volunteers, and this type of unpaid labor often falls under the purview of a volunteer resource manager. Indeed, engaging service-learners is one strategy that can be used to extend the work of an organization.

There are many studies about the impact of service-learning from the perspective of the student and the campus. This quarter’s Research to Practice looks at one of the few studies that analyzes the impact of service-learning on the community partner. This study, “Service-learning from the supply side: Community capacity to engage students” (Littlepage, Gazley & Bennett, 2012), is based on a sample of over 1,000 nonprofit and religious organizations in two counties in Indiana. It provides important insights for volunteer resource managers who are considering or already engaging service-learners.