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From the Horse’s Mouth: the Past, Present, and Future of Online Volunteer Recruiting

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Though online volunteer recruiting has been around for decades, it is still a rapidly evolving field. Today, online recruiting is boosted along not only by technological advances but also by the ingenuity and determination of dedicated nonprofit professionals who recognize the value it can have for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

In this feature article, e-Volunteerism looks at online volunteer recruiting by examining the evolution of VolunteerMatch, the largest online volunteer opportunity network. Through this platform, author Shari Tishman, the director of engagement at VolunteeerMatch, argues that we can learn something valuable and instructive about the past, present, and future of online volunteer recruiting. Tishman obviously has a unique perspective on this topic. So here it is, folks, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth: everything you ever wanted to know about online volunteer recruiting.