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Love Your Job and the Rest Will Follow: Passion as a Leadership Skill

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Irish-Australian colleague DJ Cronin speaks his mind with passion and humor, reflecting on the importance of truly loving the role of leading volunteers.

I love my job. I am in love with my job. I intend to live forever! So far so good! But saying such things in today’s society can arouse suspicion. What? You are happy? It’s much more acceptable to say “I hate every minute of my job… “

Like any relationship, this love affair is not perfect. We all have the down days. We might even feel like storming out the door on some occasions. But to maintain healthy relationships, we need to work on them…I’d like you to reflect on your relationship with volunteer management as your job and will give you a few tips on what works for me with this lover.

In this feature article, Cronin proposes four key elements of success: authentic leadership, a sense of humor, excellent communication, and passion. He also shares tips for how to “keep the romance going” and what to do “if the relationship fails.”

Is he speaking in your voice?