Volume XII, Issue 1, October 2011

Personal Views on Credentialing
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Rob Jackson, Convening Editor (UK) Amongst all the excellent articles in this e-Volunteerism issue dedicated to credentialing for volunteer management, we wanted to hear some personal views from volunteer managers around the globe: What do those of us living and breathing volunteer leadership roles... Read more
By an International Panel of Contributors
Introduction With this feature article, e-Volunteerism offers a unique, around-the-world tour of credentialing of volunteer management practitioners. Here, knowledgeable colleagues from Australia, England, Germany, New Zealand, North America, Scotland and the United States describe how... Read more
Editor’s Note: When Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D., wrote her doctoral dissertation at the University of Pittsburgh, she not only fulfilled an academic requirement but also helped document the basis of the new “Certified in Volunteer Administration” (CVA) competency-based credential for the... Read more
Between them, Steve McCurley and Susan J. Ellis have about 70 years of experience in teaching volunteer management, providing training for more than 500,000 managers of volunteer involvement. In this Points of View, these well-known trainers and authors nonetheless acknowledge that they have gotten... Read more
This issue of Along the Web focuses on accreditation and credentialing of volunteer program managers.  We cover various aspects of the accreditation and credentialing process by looking at general articles on the subject, web sites by professional associations and volunteer peak bodies and conclude... Read more
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What do stakeholders from around the world have to say about credentialing? As it turns out, plenty.  In this Voices feature, e-Volunteerism presents a compilation of short, personal views from stakeholders in various fields - a diverse set of voices speaking out on everything from credentialing's... Read more
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It has been over 40 years since U.S. lawmakers signed H.R. Bill 13270 – the Tax Reform Act of 1969.  Why is that significant?  Because this Act is often credited as one of the main forces behind the pressures for the nonprofit sector to be more accountable, efficient and ‘businesslike’ (Sandberg,... Read more

Introduction: A Theme Issue on Credentialing 

Susan J. Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to this special issue of e-Volunteerism, devoted entirely to the theme of credentialing in volunteer management. We are excited to offer this comprehensive range of articles. To our knowledge, no other forum has collected so many dimensions of this subject in a single place, with perspectives from different countries presented side by side.    Read more

Training Design from last issue...

The Future of Volunteer Management: Wrestling with our Demons

By Katherine H. Campbell
This session was developed for the Summit on Advanced Volunteer Engagement (SAVE) at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, held in June 2011 in New Orleans. Consistent with the SAVE goal of providing challenging and valuable learning for practitioners with at least three years of experience in the field... Read more