Volume XV, Issue 3, April 2015

This is a story about love. A love story about Volunteer Management. Today something happened and the idea for my love story was born. I passed two people in the street who were talking loudly and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. I heard one say: “I worked for two years in Melbourne and I hated... Read more
An interview with
One of the most powerful things a volunteer can do is see a need and start trying to meet it. With enough passion and hard work, that initial maverick will attract other volunteers to the cause and a worthy organization will emerge and grow. That evolution might expand over time to raising money,... Read more
  Editor’s Note: In the past year or so, e-Volunteerism has published a number of perspectives on understanding and calculating the “value” of volunteer services, with authors agreeing that traditional money or wage-replacement cost formulas are woefully inadequate to reflect this challenge. In... Read more
  In last quarter’s Points of View, we explored the problems inherent in sharing template documents for volunteer programs. We concluded that article by saying: In writing this Points of View, we realized that the search for templates is connected to other, quite important issues. For example,... Read more
Does the thought of designing volunteer opportunities for young children under the age of 12 make you nervous? Would accepting very young children as volunteers create extra stress for your already busy schedule? Would your staff be resistant to working with young children as volunteers? Fear... Read more
We all know that an organizational culture that values volunteers and volunteer management is an ideal environment to engage citizens in effective, meaningful service. But how do we foster this culture? How can we prepare our fellow staff members to best welcome and integrate volunteers into their... Read more
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference of Social Work, Toronto, 1954
In 1954, the Seventh International Conference of Social Work convened in Toronto, Canada, with the theme of “Self-Help in Social Welfare.” While self-help is an important component of effective social work, it can also be seen as a challenge to the formal social work profession. Sometimes people... Read more
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A Review of: “In Search of Strategy: Universalistic, Contingent and Configurational Adoption of Volunteer Management Practices” (2015) by Mark A. Hager and Jeffrey L.Brudney. Nonprofit Management & Leadership 25(3), 235 - 254. In this quarter’s Research to Practice, we review a study by Mark... Read more