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Innovations in Volunteerism

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The future is very much on people’s minds at the moment. Whether related to the prospect of war or terrorism; to the discussions in many nations about retirement, pensions and healthcare during longer life; to our future as an increasingly global society; or to a myriad other reasons, the future is a very now issue.

What you have before you is a significant discussion by international experts and practitioners in volunteering management on our field’s future:  Paddy Bowen (Canada), Andy Fryar (Australia), Minoru Kasai (Japan), and Nora Silver (USA). 

Focusing on the key trends facing our volunteerism and the innovations that volunteering managers will need to develop to address those trends, this Keyboard Roundtable will allow you to stare Harry-Potter-like into the volunteerism crystal ball.

Some of the main themes emerging in the following discussion include:

  • Baby Boomers and whether or not they will constitute a volunteerism boom in coming years>
  • Corporate community involvement and employee volunteering
  • The role of government in volunteerism
  • The very nature of volunteerism and volunteering management

As is the norm for these Keyboard Roundtables, we gave our participants a series of questions to prompt their discussions and then stood back and let the discussion flow. So read on, and fill your immediate future with the views of our Keyboard Roundtable participants.

  1. What do you think have been the most significant innovations in volunteerism in the past ten years?’
  2. What innovations do you think will hit over the next ten years?’
  3. What innovations do you see the field of volunteerism having to develop to engage Baby Boomers?
  4. What is your biggest fear/nightmare about volunteerism in the next decade?
  5. What is your fantasy/dream innovation for volunteerism?