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The Image of Volunteering in Popular Culture

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The May 2003 Hot Topic (http://energizeinc.com/hot/2003/03may.html) on the Energize Web site discussed how volunteers are portrayed in television and film in North America - and site visitors added more examples. This Keyboard Roundtable invites colleagues in Germany, Singapore, Lebanon, Romania, and New Zealand to make the examination of this popular imagery more international, answering questions such as:

  • How are volunteering, helping others, or community service portrayed in your mass media?
  • Are there stereotypes that are maintained by the way such activities or people are shown in your country on television, in plays, in novels, in cartoons, in films - whatever?
  • What do people in your country think when they hear the word "volunteering"? Who do they picture doing it, where, etc.?

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As an additional perspective on this month’s Keyboard Roundtable, we received permission from the Osaka Voluntary Action Center (OVAC) in Japan to repost their most recent quarterly news magazine article, “Volunteers and the Green Ribbon.” It certainly is directly related to the question of image!